What is Gancia?

Americano Gancia is an aperitif (what Italians call an aperitif and here in Spain we know as vermouth) that is characterized by the presence of herbaceous and citrus flavors that are combined with those of white wine and alcohol. The bitter taste of the herbs is mixed with the sweetness of the sugar, achieving a pleasant drink, pleasant to drink, balanced and with great personality.

The etymology of the word aperitivo is Latin: aperitivus was the drink that served to stimulate the appetite.

Returning to the Gancia … Although its origin must be located back in 1850 in Italian Piedmont, its landing in Argentina and the creation of the American Gancia in 1934 was so successful that today it is undoubtedly a classic of this country.

The ways of drinking it are varied, but the most classic are those in which the American is mixed with lemon. Our favorites are shaken with ice and lemon, or simply mixed with ice, sparkling water and lemon.