Some facts about Coffee

  • Coffee beans are not really beans. They are fruit seeds.
  • “Cappuccino” is called like this because its colour is similar to the monks suites. “Americano” was born when the American soldiers were in Italy during the second world war and they wanted to have coffee as they used to drink in th USA, that was why they add water to the espresso making what we know now as an Americano.
  • First coffee shops: It was in XV century when the first coffee farms were brought to Yemen and Arabia, beginning a rich market among the countries in that zone and drinking increasingly this energetic beverage that worked as an alcohol substitute. In XVI century the first coffee shops were opened in Constantinopla, Greece, Siria and Persia, sites where the European travellers would know this drink. Word of mouth did the rest, favouring in first half of S. XVII the coffee shop openings in cities with high commercial activity like Venecia, Marsella or London.
  • Origin of “Coffee” name:  Europeans have begun to call this drink as “Arabic wine”. The word «coffee» came originally from Arabic expresion «qahhwat al-bun» or «bean wine». This became to «qahwah», and after in «kahveh» in Turkey.  Finally it was converted to «koffie» in Dutch and «caffe» in Italian.