Where our coffee come from?

After searching different flavors we decided to begin with 3 coffees, roasted by an experienced micro roastery:  Café de Finca.   

Organic Honduras:  The variety is Cauaí, 1400 meters above the sea, in Marcala region, Honduras.  Process to de-pulp is “washed”.     The farm is worked by COMSA COOPERATIVE, formed by coffee producer in Marcala (La Paz, Honduras) whose objectives are economical, social and environmental, as a strategy to reduce poverty and to promote a sustainable development.  Produces coffee using organic practices and procedures.

This coffee has some hints of chocolate, almond and peanut.  It has a delicate acidity masked with traces of almond.


Etiopía Sidamo:  A classic from Ethiopia, very floral and fruity coffee with a height that ranges between 1700 and 2000 meters above sea level.   Come from an autochthonous African Arabica variety and washed process, it has a medium body, good cleanliness in the cup and a long stay in the mouth.  Very marked fruity notes towards white grape, and floral like jasmine.  This Ethiopia has a delicious acidity of red fruits and citrus that balance very well with the other notes it presents.


Decaf Organic México:  Pico de Orizaba cooperative produces this decaf certified by Swiss Water & Organic association.  One of the best decaf in the specialty coffee market. It has mild flavors with a pleasant citric acidity, having some hints of cocoa with some spicy flavours (as good Mexican).


Colombia Supremo:  It includes a variety of Caturra-Catuaí beans grown at 1800 meters above sea level and with a washed process.

Processed by a cooperative called Coocentral from the Huila region.   Coocentral is a non-profit and social interest cooperative  who are faithfully committed to the environment and society, worrying about being economically viable, environmentally sustainable and socially responsible.

A very balanced and sweet coffee.    It presents powerful notes of nuts, such as almonds or toasted hazelnuts and a sweetness towards caramel and chocolate that is very comforting on the palate, which will delight the most demanding palates.


Brasil San Rafael:  This coffee is made of Catuaí and Mundo Nuovo varieties cultivated at 1100 meters over the sea. The depulp process is “natural”.  In espresso you can appreciate sweetness, body and low acidity.  Black chocolate and ripe fruits are some flavours that stand out.