Coffee: Some numbers

After water, coffee is the most popular drink in the world.  It is estimated that we drink daily between 1,6 and 2 billion cups of coffee all over the world.   We, in Buna, would be satisfied selling JUST 0,000001% of that amount.

The coffee is also the second most commercialized product, after the petroleum.  10 billions of kilos per year.

Brazil is the leading producer with 30% of world production.  It is followed by Vietnam (mainly robust variety), Colombia, Indonesia, Honduras and Etiopia.

Italian people feel truly passion about coffee… that is why is not surprising that the country with more coffee shops per inhabitant is Italy, one shop per 600 inhabitants!

Countries where coffee is most drunk are:

  • First, Finland, 12 kilos per year/person.
  • Norway is the second, 9,9 kilos
  • Iceland es the third one, 9 kilos
  • Denmark, 8,7
  • Holland, 8,4
  • Sweden, 8,2
  • Switzerland, 7,9 kilos
  • Spain is in the middle (19).   4,5 kilos per year/person.