About cold brew

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What is Cold Brew?

The first references to cold brew were registered in the XVII Century in Japan. It was created by sailors as an alternative to hot coffee when the traditional methods were avoided to prevent fire risk.

Its cold temperature made it popular in French troops in Argelia in 1840, where soldiers used to drink a concentrated coffee mix with cold water to withstand the desert’s heat. Some decades later, the USA civil war soldiers enjoyed some similar beverage. 

At the end of 1800 and beginning of 1900 some cold brew versions were drunken in many sites, from Cuba to England, where its preparation method made it popular because the cooling was not widely available.  As the time went by some countries like Vietnam, India and Latin America have begun to develop their cold brew version.

Nowadays, cold brew is still a popular beverage. According to John Buckner (S&D Coffee and Tea VP), the cold brew consumption had raised a 40% in the last 5 years (in 2016).

Most of the recipes for modern cold brew requires that coffee is brewed in cold water up to 24 hours. Sometimes it can be mistaken with iced coffee, but this is totally different because it is made with a hot espresso and serve it with ice.

Cold brew is softer, sweeter and less acid that hot coffee. These characteristics make it attractive to Millennials that look for any alternative to sodas and other artificially sweetened drinks, easy to drink and with caffeine.

In BUNA we serve Cold Brew, ask what coffee do we use and how many preparation hours it takes, you will be surprised.